Exploration Lab #2: Alyssa Kozlow

I am a campus tour guide, so my map is from the point of view of a perspective student on one of my tours. We have a specific route that we take during the tours, and we hi-light key points of the campus along the way. I drew my map from the point of view of a perspective student on a tour. To them, the campus is only what I show them. The bigger buildings drawn in red stand out against the smaller, grey buildings because we put more emphasis on them during the tour, and they are what the students remember. The corners of the map portray other sections of campus that we do not visit, but instead tell stories about. For students, this may give off an air of mystery of college life and may be some new places to explore.


3 Responses

  1. Heather Nihiser’s Comment:

    I think this map is a good representation of what the University feels is most important for parents as well as students to get acquainted with during their visit to campus. This will most likely be the first impression future students will get of the campus. You explained that the map is “from the point of view of a perspective student.” I also believe it is important to note that most students have a parent or two along with them during the tour. The point of the tour is to cater to both the student and the parent. The parents want to know that their kids will have the resources they need to succeed in school. For example, that is why King Library is highlighted. The students are more focused on the fun aspects of campus such as Shriver Center and the different dining options they will have.

  2. Kayley Kosik’s Response:

    This map is interesting because it is what the University wants prospective students to see and everything is chosen to be a part of the tour for a specific reason. A problem I can see with prospective students seeing these very specific sites is a distorted perception of the campus once they become students because many parts of the campus are ignored. Conversely, this map could be useful to new students by introducing them to particular parts on campus as a starting point for learning the rest of campus.

  3. I really appreciate the usefulness of this map when used for a campus tour. It is interesting to think about the parts of campus that prospective students see and the parts that they don’t. Clearly, trekking all the way over to Western Campus on a tour is not feasible even if it is a very beautiful part of our campus. It is clear through this map which parts of campus are important for Miami University to show off to students that want to come to the school and which parts of campus are not as important for them to see.

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