Nightlife Guide to Uptown- Mandi, Heather, Ana

Our map is a college student’s perspective on the social life at High Street. This map shows Oxford’s nightlife through the popularity of bars and the restaurants that are open in the late hours. The intent is to be a guide to incoming students that are not yet familiar with Oxford’s social life. We have drawn the bars and restaurants in proportion to their popularity. There are also indications of bars that are 21 and over – this way, students will know exactly where to go. To be as user-friendly as possible, we did not include extraneous information like retailers or restaurants that aren’t open late at night. And we have designated ATMs because most bars take cash only for admittance.


One Response

  1. Kayley Kosik’s comment:

    This map is interesting since uptown Oxford looks much different in real life, but in the eyes of most Miami students, these are the destinations that matter come the time to go out. I’m curious to see if this representation of uptown merchants mirrors the actual amount of business each of the merchants get.

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