The Woods by Jacklyn, Cory, Hilary

Our map shows the exploration of The Woods/New Bar. What we wanted to focus on is the positioning of people throughout the bar on a typical Thursday/Friday/Saturday night. Seniors are shown in the color gold to represent their seniority on campus and uptown. We placed the seniors surrounding the bar completely. Their positioning represents the fact that all seniors are 21 so they are the ones near the bar. The juniors are in blue right behind the seniors. Some juniors are 21 and some aren’t so they shouldn’t be right at the bar like the seniors. We made their area a bit bigger because seniors have more options for which bar (21 and up bars.. CJs and Three Trees) to go to. Because of this, juniors are more likely to go to The Woods. The sophomores are represented as the red circles which are dispersed around the bar. They usually hang out near the actual bar hoping to get a drink but much further back from the upperclassmen. The freshmen are the green triangles. We placed them near the dance floor because that is typically where freshmen tend to be. Athletes are represented as pink stars. They (usually hockey players) sit in the corner of the bar. We used the star icon because some see them as campus celebrities. The stars are colored in pink because it stands out compared to the other basic colors used. Lastly, the bartenders are represented as hearts because their customers try to get their attention and love them when they get served. We made the hearts different sizes to show which areas the bartenders gravitate towards. It is usually harder to get a drink in the areas where the hearts are smaller or where there aren’t hearts. The bathroom line shows all the different colors to represent that although people stand/sit in a usual spot at The Woods … we all have to use the bathroom at some point during the night and that is pretty much the only time that each group of people interact.


4 Responses

  1. Kayley Kosik’s comment:

    I think this map is interesting because it shows a clear distinction of who is sitting/standing where in the bar in correlation to their class standing. The stage/dance floor is associated with first-years who are not old enough to drink and do not have as much reason to be at the bar. Sophomores are positioned in the booths and on the outside of those surrounding the bar because they too are not of age to drink. Juniors and seniors stay nearest to the bar because they are old enough to drink and because they are older, they feel more entitled to sit at the bar.

  2. I like the way that The Woods is portrayed in this map. If you had never been to the bar, it would give you a good idea of where you should go and where you might find your friends. I think that it was interesting that you chose to highlight the athletes and noticed where they usually sit. Having the hearts different sizes is very useful because it would tell the viewer where they should go to get a drink. Adding time in as another factor is practical; people don’t like to wait for drinks in bars on weekends. The bathroom is actually the only place that these groups mix, and I like that you decided to include this. We don’t usually think about interaction anywhere but the dance floor/bar, so it helps to contrast with the separation shown in the bar.

  3. Your organization and symbolic representation is very strong. I found it interesting that your key was depicted solely in color lines. At first, I thought this may be problematic, as those colors included structures and people. However, by outlining structures in black, you were able to distinguish them from people. Their is an interesting hierarchy that resulted from your placement of people. The higher the class, the more priority they have over the bar. Also interesting, is that the athletes are depicted as “huddled” together–an interesting social representation, being that students are united by their age, but athletics provides another unification.
    I,for one, have never been to The Woods, but when I do choose to go, I’ll know where to look for the right people.

  4. The map illustrated is appealing to me because it is similar to the map my group created and is a map that I would use as a student at Miami University. I like the fact that you focused on one bar and accurately detailed the The Woods according to class standings to booths. I also found it interesting that you chose to take it a step further and illustrate athletes and bartenders because it demonstrates a broader perception as opposed to focusing on class standings. Overall, the symbols, colors, and layout are simple, effective, and easy to interpret which makes it a useful map.

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