A Child’s Adventure Through Hueston Woods// Jessica Jeon; Amanda Stryker

Jessica Jeon & Amanda StrykerCOM 355
Adventure Map

This map is a trail through Hueston Woods through the perspective of an imaginative child. There are monsters, obstacle courses, and refueling stations for the adventure-charged child. Since the map is for young children, it is bright, colorful, and filled with more pictures than words so children are capable of finding their way to their treasure chest without any complications.


5 Responses

  1. I love this map! It’s very colorful and inviting. Children would love to use this map and it gives Hueston Woods an extra fun light. I like how this map is already from the perspective of a small child. It shows how inventive children can be, and how they interpret the world.

    From a critical standpoint, I’m not sure how accurate the actual trail is, or if it could truly be used as a navigational tool, but that isn’t necessarily the purpose of this map.

  2. I really like this map because of its creative view on Hueston Woods. This is clearly a different way of looking at the area from a child’s perspective. While this may not be able to be used to navigate the trails, it is very useful in representing a creative view of Hueston Woods. This map is distorted to show the area through the eyes of a child and there are many parts of the trails that are intentionally left out of the map because it does not fit into the concept for the map. Overall, this map is extremely creative and it gave me a different way of looking at Hueston Woods.

  3. The creativity used in this map is tremendous. It is extremely eye appealing and gives a great portrayal of a child’s imagination. This map is very different from the others in class and gives a very unique version of Hueston Woods.

  4. The map is obviously visually attractive in that the artwork is outstanding, specifically the vibrant colors and symbols used within the map. The fact that it is so appealing to the eye makes it a great map for children because they are usually interested in images as opposed to text. It almost reminds me of a gameboard, such as Candyland that I played as kid. It also represents a perception that I had never explored before, which makes it interesting to me. It is easy to use, visually appealing, and aids an exploration.

  5. I love this map… the bright colors are engaging and the content is very whimsical. Seems representative of the way a child would approach a place like Hueston Woods. It’s more of a map of the imagination with a focus on Hueston Woods than an actual map that would be usable for navigating through the trails.

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