Exploration #2 Katherine Salerno

My map is of a first-floor tour of the Farmer School of Business. Tomorrow morning, I have to give a tour to a prospective student, so I thought it would be helpful to map out the building. Though I have been there many times before and know the building very well, the prospective student does not. It will be his/her first time in the FSB and I would like to show him/her everything it has to offer. The blank/white spaces are represented by black boxes. These black boxes stand for rooms that I am not allowed to show because classes are in session. Overall, these are not rooms that the prospective student would spend much time in anyways. The blue boxes are rooms that I will show on the tour. The yellow circles stand for students and the orange stand for teachers. There are more yellow circles on this floor because students are the ones who spend most of their time on this floor. Faculty offices are on the second and third floors, so those would be populated with an overwhelming amount of orange circles.

FSB Map.docx


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