“After Dark” by Allison, Kristen, Annie

The map we created demonstrates the night life in Oxford “after dark” and is our perceptions of the bar population by class from 12-3 am on the weekends. The key illustrates the organization of classes demonstrated by various colors including green, blue, purple, and red, as well as the bars that are represented by numbers 1-16. The map also includes the basic layout of Oxford’s uptown area as shown through the street names and areas designated to illustrate the locations of the bars.


6 Responses

  1. On this map shows that there are more bars to go to for seniors and juniors because they tend to be the students who are of age. As an upperclassman who is 21, there seems to be a negative connotation for bars that allow admittance for the 18+ crowd. The size of the circles are representative of the capacity of each bar. For example, Brickstreet is large and has a larger crowd on any given night, where as Mac n Joe’s is a rather small establishment and can only fit so many people.

  2. This map is very interesting because it only shows the bars located Uptown. What is distorted on the map are the other Uptown locations that also host some sort of nightlife. The map shows that the most diverse age groups of students primarily go to The Woods and Brickstreet. The negative connotation that may result from this map is that viewers may be lead to believe that Uptown is mainly bars, because the map does not show the restaurants, stores, etc.

  3. This map is very similar to one my group did and is very realistic in its portrayal of Oxford’s night life. This map is helpful because it not only shows you where the best option is for you age wise, but also gives an accurate lay out of Oxford’s uptown and the location of the bars relative to high street.

    -Cory T. Hinton

  4. What a great idea for a map! This concept is spoken about so much throughout college campuses. it is a great idea for a “social” map. Your choice of negative space was excellent according to how Nicole instructed how to utilize it. Very well done.

  5. I was really interested in the “After Dark” map because it is actually very accurate. I liked how it distorts the size of bars based on capacity, because this allows people to see where all the lines and crowds will be. It’s surprising to look at how many of the bars are directed to seniors and juniors, because even though i am a junior I’m not 21, and have had experience being at all of these bars. I agree with the first comment though, that once you turn 21, the 18 and over bars like BrickStreet get a negative connotation because they seem to “young” to enjoy.

  6. From Jacklyn Apostolik – “After Dark” map is very innovative and creative. It is somewhat similar to “The Woods” in the fact that it involves our campus, the students, and the night life. Where they placed the different grades near certain bars is completely right. But it also makes the viewer think about how each grade separates after going out at night. But, this map can also be drawn differently by each person depending on their social background.

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