Exploration #2 – Joe Rackish

Over the weekend, I visited a friend’s house that I had never been to before. He was having some people over, so my map is of the first floor of his house during a party. I made sure to incorporate a lot of blank space since I noticed that other than the people the house was fairly vacant except for some tables and furniture. I also wanted to emphasize certain areas such as the bathroom and where the beverages were since these seemed to be popular places for people to congregate as well as around the tables and furniture of course. Using this map, a person from the party could look and decide where to go to get a drink or where to find the bathroom. I also distorted the size of the rooms and made them all bigger than the bedrooms, since nobody really was in there and they weren’t used.


One Response

  1. As a social space, people are always together and interacting throughout the entire house. The spaces with no people tend to be where there is no furniture or drinks to gather around. It is interesting that people congregate around the drinks at a house party, since people stay close to the bar when hanging out uptown.

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