Exploration #2 – Kayley Kosik

My map depicts the various routes myself and my family take from our home in the suburbs of Cleveland, to Oxford/Miami University. My older brother attended Miami before I was in college, so I learned how to get to Oxford merely by observing my surroundings on the various trips I took to Oxford. To this day, I pay little attention to the numbers of the interstates I am taking, but use specific "landmarks" to gauge where to make the next turn. Since I am a college student, a lot of the visual signifiers I have chosen involve colleges and things college students would be interested in, including the locations of other colleges, fast food restaurants, and beer manufacturing plants. Much of the east is left intentionally blank since it is a major portion of Ohio that I do not travel through under many circumstances, specifically between home and Oxford. The symbols representing different locations/signifiers are relatively the same size because they are of the same importance in my journey to Oxford. The M, representing Miami’s location, is largest because it is my desired destination and the most important to me at this stage in my life. As put by Dr. Phillip Shriver, "To get [to Oxford], you have to want to get here. But once you’re here, you never want to leave"


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  1. I think this map is good for anyone who is a Cleveland resident, however other than that it is not much help to non Ohio residents. Also i think the map is missing the interstate numbers which are essential when driving.

    -Cory T. Hinton

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