Map of Northfield, MN – Amy

This past weekend, I visited a good friend of mine, Abby, that lives in Northfield, Minnesota and attends St. Olaf College. I had never been to this area of the country and this weekend was a great time to really understand what it felt like to explore a completely new and foreign place to me. This map is representative of the places that I went this weekend as Abby showed me around her town. It is essentially a representation of her life in Northfield and the places that she frequents and that are important to her. This would be extremely useful to someone who is friends with Abby and wants a better understanding of her life at school but this map would not necessarily be helpful to any person that is visiting Northfield for the first time. I was obviously selective in the things that I included in this map because it only represents the parts of the town that I saw and this makes it a clearly biased map. While making the map from this perspective distorts it in many ways, this is a true representation of what I was able to explore while in Northfield, MN for a short amount of time this weekend.

Davenport Northfield MN Map.pdf


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  1. I really liked this map. Seeing St. Olaf College and Northfield, MN from Amy’s perspective tells us a lot about her trip and places that are important to Abby and other students at St. Olaf.

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