Stomp Dance Map–Erin

This is a map of the traditional Stomp Dance done by the Myaamia (Miami) Tribe of Oklahoma. Colors (including brightness), shapes, and pattern are important for understanding this map.

Stomp Dance Map.pdf


2 Responses

  1. I assume the brightness of the colors indicate which roles are the most important in the stomp dance – which would be the male and female singers. Pink and blue, in our culture, are synonymous with the female and male genders which is likely why those were chosen to represent the female and male dancers/singers. The primary colors representing the dance circles are arranged with the lightest color on the outside and the brightest color in the center. The arrows indicate the direction the dancers must go in. And the overall shape of the dance is a circle, which has different meanings in difference cultures. Often times a circle is representative of the sun or the circle of life.

  2. What i love about this map is its simplicity and use of bright colors. Its very attention grabbing and easy to follow. I think anyone who was new to the dance could easily participate if they had this map handy.

    -Cory T. Hinton

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