Watch your speed! – Leslie Farinacci

Inspiration for this map came on Friday evening.  In a car with a friend on our way to Cincinnati, we past a pulled-over car accompanied by those dreaded flashing police lights.  My friend commented, ”You have to be so careful when taking this corner—the police love to catch you speeding in the 20mph speed difference.”  I then thought of the two other routes I’ve taken to-and-from Oxford, usually when traveling home, and realized they had similar speed traps and police “sweet-spots.”  The roads leading into our secluded home of Oxford are unique due to the sparse distribution of residential areas, farmland, and commercial land.  Therefore, I decided to create a map communicating the hidden text behind speed limit signs should communicate.

Houses are proportionately skewed to emphasize solely a location of a small town.  Similarly, the badges and warning colors take on a symbolic purpose.   The road map itself was kept to proportion as proportion is key to understanding where exactly the location of these speed traps are.  A map such as this has potential to positively effect drivers.  The target audience is college students heading to and from Oxford from their homes.  To be aware of these quick speed limit changes as well as common places for on-looking policemen brings forth potential for safer drivers.


6 Responses

  1. What a clever idea! I think that this map is really useful for someone traveling around Oxford. I know that if I were unfamiliar with the area, I would love to know where the speed traps are. I also like that it was made by a “regular person”, and not a mass produced map. That way, you get unbiased advice. It’s also nice to see where “real” speed changes because often we can become oblivious to this while driving. I think that this is created from experience, but think it would be neat to do a more in-depth analysis of this for a different assignment or something.
    -Annie Carter

  2. This is probably the most practical traffic map that I have ever seen. Sometimes when you’re driving late at night, it’s easy to miss a speed limit sign. Considering just how many changes in the speed limit that there are on the major roads which connect Oxford to civilization, this map could prove invaluable.

  3. Leslie, this was a very creative idea for a map! I think it is something that is beneficial to us as students mostly from out of town. You guys did a great job of keeping it simple enough for users to understand exactly what it’s purpose is when looking at it. Very cool.

  4. This graphic representation of Oxford and the surrounding area is very useful for traveling any of the routes in and out of Oxford since a lot of the speed limit changes seem to come out of nowhere. However, the locations where police are frequently sighted change. It is hard to pin point where they are will be located on any given day.

  5. I think this is a great idea for a map and a very helpful one as well. As in any town there are definite hot spots police officers like to hid out to catch speeders. Next time i’m in a rush i will know where not to speed.

    -Cory T. Hinton

  6. This is a very practical map and a great idea for a map. Since many people that live in this area are not actually from here and are unfamiliar with the roads, this map would be very useful for them to prevent speeding and getting pulled over. It’s nice because it is very easy to read and the speed change areas and frequent police sighting locations are clearly labeled so there is no confusion. I also thought your use of colors and symbols was clever and to the point. Overall, this is a well made map that I think a lot of people would find very useful and helpful.

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