Exploration: Katherine Salerno

My media representation is a dental x-ray. It is a bite-wing x-ray, which is taken at least once a year. It tells the dentist if there is any decay between the teeth and if the bone level is remaining constant. The lightest parts are radiopaque, which means that they block x-rays from passing through. The tooth enamel is always white and radiopaque. Radiopaque areas can also represent artificial restorations, such as crowns, but in this case they are filled root canals. Composite fillings are slightly lighter than the natural enamel. They purposely contain radiopaque fillers so that the dentist can tell them from the natural tooth. When an area is radiolucent, it means that it lets x-rays pass through. Usually, radiolucent areas represent decay.

To remix this medical image, I used photo editing settings. The remixed image still shows the shapes, but adds texture. Still visible are the roots, but the outlines of the teeth are now more pronounced. Since the color variations are not as distinct, it would be harder for my dentist to see what he needs to see (areas of decay, bone growth). The imperfections are less visible than they were before, changing the purpose of this medical image.


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