KRISTEN: Record Label as a Functioning Body

I decided to represent the workings inner space through the analogy of workers’ roles in a record label. From my perspective, the chairman works as the brain and is the control center who directions tasks to the rest of the working body. The spinal chord is the A&R department because without their creativity and constant innovation and development, the industry would cease to thrive. The music itself and the fans make up the heart of the industry and are what keep it beating. The promotions teams and radio stations they work with serve as the blood vessels because they connect and weave throughout all other aspects of the label. Marketing and Media Relations are the skin of label, being the main connection to the outside world. Production serves as the lungs because it filters the music and is vital in every breath the label takes. Bones represent the artists on the label who are strong and together internally make up the appearance of the body from an external structural sense. Executives and Vice presidents within the label are the muscles and joints of the inner body, because they connect and hold the other parts together. The bones would not be allowed to move without the muscles and joints and in the same sense, artists are not allowed to act on their own without approval or guidance from the heads of the label.


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