Mediated Body – Allison & Mandi

The exploration of the mediated body motivated us to produce a representation of the inside of the human body using the media technology of both an X-ray and a cell phone and medical applications. Cell phone X-ray imaging has created an outlet in medical imaging technology that allows exploration through the human body, without cutting the skin.Tecnological advancements are continuously developing in the sense that applications can be accessed on numerous electronic devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Macs, Blackberrys, etc., that not only allows access to images but advances the universal accessibility to the mediated body. In the process of downloading the X-ray application, a message popped up directing to the purchase of “Camera FX” in which one can observe flattering images of themselves as as result of doctoring the image. Cameras designed to make one look fatter, skinnier, flawless, and manipulated is accessible through the press of a button. Although the technology isn’t as accurate and intricate as medical imagery, the ability to use one’s electronic device to represent the mediated body without cutting the skin creatively allows one to explore the space that cannot actually be visited through applications.


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