Media Remix Jacklyn Hilary and Cory

Digital Remix Exploration

Jacklyn Apostolik, Hilary Durot & Cory Hinton

Movie/TV Remix

Four our exploration, we decided to do a digital remix collage which portrays television shows and movies that we would feel uncomfortable viewing with our parents. This collage portrays images from the following: “True Blood”, “Californication”, “The Black Swan”, “East Bound and Down”, “Blow”, “Monsters Ball”, and “Shameless”.

All of these shows/movies are extremely sexualized containing quite explicit scenes including illicit behavior often involving sex and/or drugs. Although the majority of these tv shows/films have received critical acclaim being regarded as exemplary media. Despite their recognition and notoriety, we know that a large audience has viewed them yet, we still feel uncomfortable viewing them alongside our parents. Despite the fact that we are old enough to understand these types of behaviors and recognize them for what they are, we still feel uneasy watching them next to our parents seeing as they do not conform to or exhibit the values/morals that we were taught growing up or were acceptable in our household.

In our digital imaging we enlarged the photos in a manner to represent the exploitation of their contents. Furthermore, we extracted color from the images and overlaid the images to portray their similar and overlapping themes and topics that make us feel uncomfortable when viewing this sexualized media in the presence of our parents.



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