9021NO!- Mandi, Allison, Heather

Our project shows the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a "reality television" show without the real life drama. We looked at the show by just the numbers, making the so called reality a fantasy. We are showing how Beverly Hills is only successful reality tv because of the immense wealth and these numbers.

We explored reality television and discovered that one feels connected to the show because of the drama, that’s what makes it relatable but when you take out the drama/personality and just look at house size, net worth, area, then you realize that this is not reality for the majority and is actually an extremely unattainable lifestyle. Detached from reality because of the cameras. We feel involved in their lives from seeing them in what seems like their every day lives, but when we just look at the numbers on paper we feel a disconnect. We are experiencing Beverly hills through numbers, not through the people. When you take out the personality, you take out the reality.

Here is our website: http://www.hautehousewivesluxelives.com/ and we also have a Google Earth representation that shows how small the area is of such a rich lifestyle, in comparison to the rest of not only California, but even within the 90201 zip code.


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