Exploration #2 (Map-making)

Either as a team or individually, choose a place (preferably one that you have never been to) and create a map of it.

Things to take into account:
1) The use of white or blank spaces on the map.
2) Beyond your own psychological interest in this place, what might the social interest in this place be? In what ways could this positively or adversely affect the area?
3) How will you be selective or biased in your representation? What will you distort?

As a group (or individually, if you are working alone) post your map to the website by Monday night at midnight. Every person should leave a comment critically analyzing at least one posted map (not your own) by 3pm on Wednesday (an hour before class). Each team should also turn in a one page critical reflection analyzing your map.

Grading will be based on the critical content, creativity and technical quality of your map. The creators of the best map (determined both by class feedback and instructor evaluation) will have to do one less reading response for the course.

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