SWORD Final Presentation

Here are some examples of what is inside my journal. Sorry for the poor scanning!


Anne Carter Final Project


My final website of my exploration of Lake View Cemetery

-Anne Carter

Digital Remixing Exploration – Joe Rackish

For this exploration, I chose option #1 and decided to represent rotten.com by producing a remixed slideshow of a small selection of image titles rather than the actual images. And just a warning – the last slide does contain the actual images from the site which most will likely find offensive and disturbing.

com 355 exploration #7 rotten.com remix.pptx

Amy Davenport – hatebook.com

This video representation shows an advertisement for the website, hatebook.com. This is an anti-social networking website that encourages you to connect with your enemies and spread gossip about people you dislike. You can also share photos and stalk where everyone on the site lives in order to hate them in real life too. While I believe that someone created this website as a joke and as an antithesis to the popularity of Facebook, I decided to represent the digital space that I explored in a video that took the site and its content very seriously. I made this video in a way that would appeal to a person that legitimately wanted to use the site to plot against their enemies and use it to take over the world, as the home page says.

Lima, Ana; Digital Remix

This is a collage of outdated social networks. Orkut is particular to the South American culture.

Outdated social networks.docx

Social Dynamic of ND OSU forums

The Social Dynamic of Forums Surrounding College Sports

Up until this year I knew nothing abut football—or many sports at all for that matter. With three sisters and a father who’s only sports interest is golf, the sports world and community had remained a separate world to me up until this year. My closest friend here at Miami is a huge football fan. This year he decided to “usher” me into the world of football. This meant A) watching a few games on tv to building understanding, B) experiencing two games in person (ND and OSU), and C) revealing his “secret” interaction on a subscription ND football site/forum called IrishSportsDaily.com.

This website is a private site that provides hourly updates and insights on Notre Dame football. The main attraction (and reason my friend subscribes) is the forum. He said that the interaction on this forum is unlike any other forum out there and very reflective of the Notre Dame values and essence. He said “The sense of community, trust, and commitment is unlike anything out there. “

I have never been on a forum in my life. The talk within each post was very informative, and each opinion was seemingly supported with facts or an advanced argument. Right away, I did see the “community” my friend had been talking about. There were multiple posts asking for prayers, or even to send postcards to one’s son. I believe this is very affiliated with the Catholic affiliation of the school. Also reflective of the school is the site’s “private nature. This forum, being private, has a series of rules, including no swearing, be respectful of others, and no trash talking. Such qualities were very apparent upon mu visit to ND (which heavily contrasted to my experience at Ohio State).

For comparison, I also looked at the most popular forum for Ohio State football, Buckeyeplannet.com/forum. The conversation was not nearly as personal or refined. There were many harsh, uncensored, critical comments, which again, reminded me of my Ohio State visit.

I chose to use video to represent the social aspects I discovered on these online communities. In doing to I hoped to create a visual representation of the contrasting interaction.

Digital Frontiers/Digital Remixing – Allison, Mandi, Heather

The digital programs used to remix or reconfigure material from the final project are applications such as PhotoSync, Photoshop Express, Remodelista, My Houzz, and Interior HD. The purpose of using digital frontiers and digital remixing is to achieve inspiration for interior design, specifically using The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Vanderpump’s house as the inspiration for decorating our own homes at Miami University.

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