Student Projects

Winter 2009 Student Projects (UCSB)

“Collecting as the Final Stage of Exploration” – an ethnographic exploration of the Transformers toy reviewing community: Transformers video reviews (Grimlock, Starscream, Soundwave).

“The Explorations of a Senior Girl” – explorations outside of one’s everyday life: blog.

“Learning Through Listening: An Exploration of Native American Oral Literature” – documentary part 1 and part 2.

“Conceptualizing Iraq: A Whole New Mediascape – an exploration of the representational space of Irag war coverage: video.

“Hearst Castle: Come and Explore” – an exploration of the representational and physical space of Hearst Castle.

“The Art of Memory” – an exploration of memory through one’s artistic past.

“Searching to Be an Explorer” – an exploration of the distinction between searching and exploring, and the space between “yes” and “no.”

“Marginal Medicine” – an exploration of the physical and discursive spaces of medicinal marijuana in Santa Barbara.

“The Inner Being Exploration” an investigation of different modes of exploring one’s inner being.

“Exploring the Space of Hmong Culture” – an exploration of Hmong culture’s relationship to space.

“The Bike Exploration” – an exploration biking down the Southern California coast.

“Joshua Tree National Park: Representations and Hidden History” – an exploration of the environmental, historical, and representational aspects of Joshua Tree National Park.

“Unmasking the Magic” – an exploration of Disneyland’s Club 33.

“The Secret of Hollister Ranch” – an exploration of the surf of Hollister Ranch.

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